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This year’s Summit is being held at the Tacoma Convention Center on Aug. 17, 2018. Registration is now open!

2018 Fall Conference

This year's Fall Conference is being held at the Seattle Airport Marriott, 10/18-10/20/18. Registration is now open!

Call for Action to Prevent Gun Violence in the United States of America

WSASP is proud to endorse the the “Call for Action to Prevent Gun Violence in the United States of America” authored by the Interdisciplinary Group on Preventing School and Community Violence. For more information and to endorse this individually, please go to the following link.

2018 Spring Lecture Series

Thank you for participating in the 2018 Spring Lecture Series!

Archived Spring Lecture Series

You can now access previously aired Spring Lecture Series, dating back to 2014, for a discounted price! Please go here for more information.

Advocacy Action Center

Call Our Senators Today!

Congress is now debating spending bills that would begin October 1. The Labor-HHS-Ed Committee report (which includes funding for the Department of Education) includes language encouraging the Department of Education to use some of the $95 million from School Safety National Activities to go towards addressing shortages in our field.

An amendment is going to be submitted that will require the Department to set aside $10 million for this program, requiring implementation of this grant by the US Department of Education. This is an amazing opportunity as it would set the stage for ongoing federal investments intended to help address the shortages in school psychology.  

We need your help to get this across the finish line!

Call Senator Murray and Senator Cantwell's offices asking them to support this amendment today.

Senator Murray is 202.224.2621                    Senator Cantwell is 202.224.3441

Phone Call Script:

Hello! As a constituent and a school psychologist I am calling to urge the Senator to support an amendment to S. 3158, the Labor HHS Appropriations bill. This amendment, sponsored by Senator Nelson’s office, would direct the Department of Education to use existing funds allocated to the Safe Schools National Activities Program to connect university programs and high need school districts in order to address the shortages of school-based mental health professionals, such as school psychologists. I urge you to help districts improve school safety and student mental health by helping them recruit and retain school mental health professionals by supporting this important amendment. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

The 2018 Week of Action was a success!  
Click here to read about what we did.


Who:  WSASP's Government and Public Relations (GPR) committee has been hard at work in Olympia, and now we need your vital contribution and active support!

What:  Advocate for your self, your field, and kids!  Contact your representatives TODAY about the below-mentioned important issues! Your representatives value your opinion as a constituent, and the more of us they hear from, the louder our collective voice!  Below are 8 bills we are tracking now.  A brief summary is provided and each bill is linked, allowing you to review the contents of the actual bill.

When: The legislature is in session, but this will end in early March.  As bills cycle through the process and move to a vote from the entire legislative body, we will alert you to action through our member email system. When the time is right for each bill, the Form Letter Link will be activated, and you will get an email reminder to take action! 

Where:  Thanks to NASP, you will only have to send the message once to get to all three representatives based on your home address, and we will be able to pull data about how many of us are taking action!

Why:  With more letters of support and phone calls from all stakeholders and professionals in school psychology and allied fields, the legislators in the House and Senate will be informed and can realize the wide range of importance these issues represent.  If we are not at the table, we are on the menu!

How:  You can contact your legislators today.  You can submit public comment via the legislative website (see directions below, via NASP, directly with an email address, or via Our Voice, through WEA (Click here for a step by step tutorial on how to use Our Voice to email your representatives).  The GPR Committee will provide form letters as appropriate for each bill of interest to WSASP.  When these letters are made available, you can use them exactly, add personal stories or comments, or write an original letter to submit to your legislators.  Once your letter is ready, using NASP's Advocacy Action Center, you can send it to all your state representatives with one click.  We ask that you send one letter for each bill, as this is how representatives prefer communication, and it keeps our message clear.  

2018 Legislative Information

2018 Legislative Information Updated on 3/12/2018

The 2018 Legislative Session is over, and for the first time in several years, it is actually over, they are not going into a special session.  Below is information about bills we monitored this session, including any final outcomes.  2 of the bills we have been working on have passed, and one we were monitoring passed.  We appreciate everyone's engagement, and look forward to keeping this great momentum going next year!

High Priority Bills

HB 1377 – Student Mental Health: Improving students' mental health by enhancing nonacademic professional services.

This bill includes language from HB 1900 which we worked hard on in 2015 and 2016, and worked on again under the number 1377 in the 2017 session.  This bill defines the roles of the school psychologist, school social worker, and school counselor.  The new iteration also includes funding for time to collaborate between these groups at the building or district level.

WSASP Position: For

Bill Progress: This bill passed, and has been sent to the governor to sign.  

SB 6162 - Defining dyslexia as a specific learning disability and requiring early screening for dyslexia. (Companion bill with HB 2496)

WSASP Position: For after changes made in the House Education Committee.

Bill Progress: This bill passed, and has been sent to the governor to sign.

SSB 5766 -  Preventing harassment, intimidation, and bullying in public schools.

WSASP Position: For

Bill Progress: Passed Senate Body Vote on 1/19/18; Moved to the House Education committee, where it passed, but then stalled out in the Rules 2 Review committee before coming to a vote.  

SB 6141 - Strengthening school district plans for recognition, screening, and response to emotional or behavioral distress in students. (Companion bill with HB 2496)

WSASP Position: For

Bill Progress: Passed the Senate and the House Education Committee, but stalled out in the Rules 2 Review committee before coming to a vote.  


HB 1827 – Educator Workforce Supply: Relating to expanding the current and future educator workforce supply through evidence-based strategies.

This bill is meant to improve and incentivize the recruitment and retention of highly effective educators, especially in high-need subject, grade-level, and geographic areas. It is meant to establish a cohesive continuum of high quality professional learning from preparation programs to job embedded induction, mentoring, collaboration, and other professional development opportunities.

WSASP Position: For, advocating for the explicit addition of ESA providers

Bill Progress: This bill passed the house and senate, but the two houses could not come to an agreement about amendments made, so it did not make it this session.

HB 2684 Defining the process for best interest determinations of students in out-of-home care.

WSASP Position: For

Bill Progress: This bill passed and has been sent to the governor to sign.

The Bills listed here "died" in committees during the session.

SB 5639 – Alternative Student Assessments: Allows a student to use an alternative assessment without taking the statewide student assessment at least once if the student: (1) Is enrolled in a school district with which a technical college has a signed interlocal agreement on file with the superintendent of public instruction; (2) Was under twenty-one years of age at the beginning of the school year; (3) Is enrolled tuition-free; (4) Is enrolled in the school district for the purpose of earning a high school diploma or certificate; and (5) Has participated in instructional activity at the technical college during the current school year.

WSASP Position: Monitoring

ESHB 1046 - Concerning certificates of academic and individual achievement.

WSASP Position: Monitoring

SSB 5155 This law would prohibit the suspension or expulsion of any student in Kindergarten through second grade unless they bring a weapon to school

WSASP Position: Monitoring

SB 6360 Improving transition planning for students in special education who meet criteria for services from the developmental disabilities administration.

WSASP Position: Working on adjustments to this bill with OSPI

HB 1621 - Providing funding allocations to promote children's health and social-emotional learning.

WSASP Position: For

SB 5283 – Educational Staff Associates/Services Years: Concerning the calculation of years of service for educational staff associate positions for salary allocation purposes.

WSASP Position: For

Bill Progress: This bill has had no new movement since 2017, other than being retained in current status sitting in the Senate Ways and Means Committee.  WEA advises the following: When the legislature passed 2242 last year, they removed the staff mix factor effective in 19-20.  Our locals will now be bargaining where certs are placed on the salary schedule.  We advise all ESAs to set up formal appointments as a group with their local president to make sure they have a spot on the bargaining team and get the same schedule placement as classroom teachers.

HB 1643 – Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program: Creating a loan forgiveness program for teachers in high-need schools.

WSASP Position: For, advocating for the explicit addition of ESA providers

SB 5348 – Special Ed/Certificate of Individual Achievement: Concerning students who receive special education services who earn certificates of individual achievement. This bill would require that they get a regular diploma and still be eligible for transition 18-21 services.

WSASP Position: Monitoring

SB 6144 - Reducing state assessment requirements to only those required for federal purposes in order to facilitate removal of inequitable barriers to students.

WSASP Position: Monitoring

HB-2796- Defining dyslexia as a specific learning disability and requiring early screening for dyslexia. (Companion bill with SB 6162)  

WSASP Position: Against in it's current form

HB 2496 - Strengthening school district plans for recognition, screening, and response to emotional or behavioral distress in students. (Companion bill with SB 6141)

WSASP Position: For  

Curious about bills from the 2017 session? Click here to go to that page.


Tips and Tricks

Click here for a description of how a bill becomes a law (it is not so direct of a process as we were taught in middle school...)

See the State Advocacy page for instructions on how to submit a public comment on these bills or any others of interest.

Click here for more resources on Advocacy.

Did you contact your representative(s)?  Let us know!  

We want to know how BIG our impact is! 

Click here to tell us about the action you took.   

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