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  Uniting school psychologists to support all students through advocacy, leadership, and professional development. 

Available Positions

We do our best to maintain active postings on our site while relying on human resource departments to inform us when a position has been filled. If you find an inaccurate or filled position on our list, please let us know by emailing contact@wsasp.org.
Hoquiam SD (
 Date (updated) District/Insti tuton  FTE  Where to location information/How to apply Internship Site?
4/20/18West Valley SD
1.0District website: http://wvsd.org. Location to be determined, 2018-2019 school year. To view the job details or apply, visit https://wvsd.tedk12.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=120.  (updated previous 5/23/17 post)
Yes (paid)
4/19/18Omak SD1.0District website: http://www.omaksd.org/Early Elementary and Preschool.  Also offering paid internship. Yes (paid)
4/18/18Monroe SD1.0District website: https://monroejobs.hrmplus.net/. To view position details or apply, go to Human Resources>Employment. Yes
4/18/18K12 Schools- Washington Virutal Academies 
1.0State Wide- work from home, light travel in-state (K12). To view position information or apply, visit https://www.ziprecruiter.com/ojob/1097ebfcccbbc2e259c4ebc6154f6628?utm_campaign=google_jobs_apply&utm_source=google_jobs_apply&utm_medium=organic or call Shelley Sears, WAVA Special Programs Administrator at 253-964-1068 ext. 7018 .
4/18/18Longview SD1.0District website:http://www.longviewschools.comSecondary/Elementary level. View position details on the website's Careers tab.Yes (paid)
4/17/18 Puyallup SD 1.0* District website: http://www.puyallup.k12.wa.us. Full and part-time positions. You can start the online application process at: https://www.applitrack.com/Puyallupk12/onlineapp/. Please also feel free to contact Christina Bren, School Psychologist Coordinator at 253.604.3696 or BrenCM@puyallupk12.wa.us or Karen Mool, Executive Director of Special Education, at 253.841.8700 or MoolKM@puyallup.k12.wa.us.  Also see paid internships available. Yes (paid)
4/11/18 Blaine SD 1.0 District website: http://www.blaine.wednet.edu/. To view full details and apply online please visit https://www2.nwrdc.wa-k12.net/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=wblaines71/rapplmnu03.w.  Email mailto:relsbree@blainesd.org for more information. Yes
3/29/18 Colville SD 1.0 District wide. Application and vacancy notice can be found  website: http://www.colsd.org No
3/27/18 ESD 112 1.0 Educational Service District 112 Website: To view job posting or to apply for this position, visit https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/esd112/jobs/2005108/school-psychologist-esa?keywords=school%20psychologist&pagetype=jobOpportunitiesJobs. Work locations: Goldendale School District, Centerville School District, Wishram School District. Contact Chelsea Jacobson if any questions (360) 952-3322 or chelsea.jacobson@esd112.org.  Offers paid internship. Yes (paid)
3/22/18  Tumwater SD 1.0  Addmin/Special Services for 2018-2019 school year. To view a full job description and to apply online, please visit the Public Schools Personnel Cooperative at www.teachinginwashington.com.  For more information, call PSPC at 360-464-6855.
3/22/18 Burlington-Edison SD
1.0 District website: http://www.be.wednet.edu. To view position or apply, Under District, select Jobs. Go to the Fast Track link and apply for our School Psychologist position. Yes (sometimes paid)
3/22/18 South Whidbey SD
1.0 District website: https://www.sw.wednet.edu/. Secondary, grades 7-12. Posting, job description and certificated application are on our website at https://www.sw.wednet.edu/Page/156For additional information, email Dr. Jeff Fankhauser jfankhauser@sw.wednet.edu .
3/21/18 Spokane Public Schools 1.0 District website: http://spokaneschools.org/. Secondary level 2017-2018 school year. To view posting or apply, visit http://swcontent.spokaneschools.org/Page/2301 Yes (sometimes paid)
Port Townsend SD
.5 District website: http://www.ptschools.org/. Part-time position for 2018-2019 at Port Townsend High School. Visit http://www.ptschools.org/employment to view position information or apply. For details, contact Laurie McGinnis, HR/Payroll Director, 360 379-4602.
3/21/18 Port Townsend SD 1.0 * District website: http://www.ptschools.org/. Leave Replacement 2018-2019 at Salish Coast Elementary. Visit http://www.ptschools.org/employment to view position information or apply. For details, contact Laurie McGinnis, HR/Payroll Director, 360 379-4602.  * There is also a .5 Leave Replacement position for the remainder of this year, which is also posted online. No
3/21/18 Wapato SD 1.0* District website: http://www.wapatosd.org. * Full or part-time available for elementary/secondary level (2017-2018 and 2018-2019). Click "Jobs" and under the Online Job Center, search certificated specialist to find position details or apply. For more information, call Leticia Salazar at 509-877-4181 or email Karen McGraw, Special Ed Director mailto:karenm@wapatosd.org or Kelly Garza mailto:kellyg@wapatosd.org. Yes (paid)
3/21/18 Accountable School Staffing (Agency) 1.0* Agency website: http://accountableschoolstaffing.com/. * Full and part-time positions available in  the following districts/locations: Lakewood, Monroe, Olympia, Spokane, Aberdeen, Centralia, Renton, Yelm, Seattle, Silverdale, Belfair, Steilacoom. Please contact Jenny Hoang at JennyHoang@ahcstaff.com or call 469-336-8647 for more information.
3/20/18 Bethel SD 1.0 District website: http://www.bethelsd.org.  To view position or apply, visit https://www.applitrack.com/bethelsd/onlineapp/default.aspx?Category=Support Yes (paid)
3/20/18 Richland SD 1.0 *  District website: http://www.rsd.eduESA or Intern. *Full or part-time for 2018-2019 school year. To view positions or apply, visit http://www.rsd.edu/jobs/job-opportunities.htmlFor additional information, please contact Sharon Bradley, Assistant Director of Special Education, at (509) 967-6050. or mailto:Sharon.bradley@rsd.edu. Yes (paid)
3/20/18 Toppenish SD 1.0 * District website: https://www.toppenish.wednet.edu/. * 2 full-time positions available for 2017-2018. To view postings or apply, click the "Employment" link on the website. Please contact Sandie Birley, Special Services Director, (509) 945-4426 for more details.  Yes (paid)
3/19/18 Renton SD .8 * District website: https://www.rentonschools.us/. * The .8 position is for this year but there are several full-time positions for 2018-2019 school year. To access the job postings and apply, visit https://www.applitrack.com/rentonschools/onlineapp/default.aspx?Category=School+Support+Services&subcategory=School+Psychologist. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Giovanola, School Psychologist at 425-204-2213.
Yes (paid)
3/19/18 Olympia SD
1.0 Olympia Admin, 2018-19 school year. To view a full job description and to apply online, please visit the Public Schools Personnel Cooperative at www.teachinginwashington.comFor more information, call PSPC at 360-464-6855.
3/19/18 Montesano SD
1.0 District-Wide 2018-19 school year. To view a full job description and to apply online, please visit the Public Schools Personnel Cooperative at www.teachinginwashington.com.  For more information, call PSPC at 360-464-6855.
3/19/18 Hoquiam SD 1.0 Hoquiam Admin, 2018-19 school year.  To view a full job description and to apply online, please visit the Public Schools Personnel Cooperative at www.teachinginwashington.com.  For more information, call PSPC at 360-464-6855.
3/19/18 Pioneer SD
1.0 K-8 (Pioneer MS) 2018-19 school year. To view a full job description and to apply online, please visit the Public Schools Personnel Cooperative at www.teachinginwashington.com.  For more information, call PSPC at 360-464-6855. No
3/19/19 Yelm Community Schools 1.0 Yelm Admin, 2018-2019 school year.To view a full job description and to apply online, please visit the Public Schools Personnel Cooperative at www.teachinginwashington.com.  For more information, call PSPC at 360-464-6855.
3/18/18 North Mason SD  1.0 District website: http://www.nmsd.wednet.eduPlease apply through the website. If you have any questions contact Amy Hurd at 360-277-2354 or Chantelle Wisner at 360-277-2102. Paid internship available. Yes (paid)
3/13/18 University of Washington  .5 Location: UW Seattle campus. Lecturer- Part Time (Internship Coordinator).  Website: http://education.uw.edu/schoolpsychologyThe Univerisity of Washington School Psychology Program is seeking applications for a Part-time lecturer and School Psychology Internship Coordinator. For more information, please see the position description here: http://ap.washington.edu/ahr/academic-jobs/position/aa27515/  No
3/13/18 Ellensburg SD 1.0 District website: http://www.esd401.org. Preschool and elementary level.  Please apply on-line at www.esd401.org. For additional details, contact Patty Kimmel, Director of Special Programs, Ellensburg School District at 509.925.8115 Yes (paid)
3/12/18 Oak Harbor  * District website: http://www.ohsd.net* Two positions available: .6 FTE and 1.0 FTE.  To view position details or apply, visit our website and follow the instructions found under the Jobs tab for completing your application online. Only completed/pending applications will be considered. Questions may be addressed to: jobs2@ohsd.net or 360.279.5000.
3/7/18 Quilcene SD
.4 District website: https://www.quilcene.wednet.edu.  Elementary/Secondary level, 2017-2018 school year. View posting or apply at https://www.quilcene.wednet.edu/domain/19. No
3/7/18 Burlington Edison SD 1.0  District website: http://www.be.wednet.edu. Elementary Level. On our website, Under District, select Jobs. You will then go to our Fast Track Application system. 2 positions  posted. Yes (paid)
3/7/18 Battle Ground  1.0 District website: http://www.battlegroundps.orgElementary and middle school level. 2018-2019 school year. School psychologists in our district are dual funded and serve general education as well as special education populations. Please visit our website or call for further information.  Yes (paid)
3/6/18 Mount Vernon SD .5+ District website: http://mountvernonschools.org/The job application portal is http://mountvernonjobs.hrmplus.net/JobOpenings.aspx. For inquiries about Mount Vernon School District, and the details of this position (which may increase to 1.0), feel free to call the Special And Support Services office at 360-428-6141. You can speak with the Director or Assistant Director.  Yes (paid)
3/6/18 Sultan SD 1.0 District website: http://www.sultanschools.org/.  Elementary level. To view the posting or apply, visit https://sultan.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx Yes (not paid)
3/2/18 Issaquah SD
1.0 District website/posting: https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/CareerOpportunities. Location to be determined.  Yes (paid)
2/28/18 Sedro-Wooley SD 1.0 District website: http://www.swsd.k12.wa.us. To view position details or apply, click on Employment followed by Job Postings. Click on FastTrack link to create profile and complete application. For questions, please contact: Janet Schorno, HR Secretary, 360-855-3576, jschorno@swsd.k12.wa.us No
2/23/18 ESD 123 (SW) 1.0 ESD website: http://esd123.org. Serving SE Washington, with job locations in Prosser, North Franklin, Kiona-Benton, Waitsburg, Prescott, Touchet. To view or apply, visit https://educationalservice123.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx.  Or Contact Zac Carpenter @ zcarpenter@esd123.org for more information. Also posted to Available Internships. Yes (paid)
2/23/18 Lake Stevens SD 1.0 * District website: www.lkstevens.wednet.edu. * Full time and part-time opportunities are available, Elementary/Secondary level.  To view the website's posting or to apply, scroll down to Employment Opportunities. For more details, contact Miriam Tencate at 425-335-1500. Yes (paid)
2/22/18 NEWESD 101 1.0 ESD website: http://www.esd101.net. Job location is at districts within the NE Washginton ESD101 region. To apply or view posting, visit https://www.esd101.net/Page/250 or contact Michelle Powers, 509-789-3504, mpowers@esd101.net for additional details. Yes (sometimes paid)
2/16/18 Capitol Region ESD 113
1.0 ESD 113 website: http://www.esd113.orgTo access the job posting and to apply, visit  http://www.TeachingInWashington.com  and click on the "We Are Hiring" megaphone logo. On the next page, type "School Psychologist" into the search area. Position is located with Lewis County Special Education Cooperative in Adna, WA.  
Yes (paid)
2/14/18 Selkirk SD 1.0 District website: http://www.selkirkschools.orgSelkirk operates on a four-day school week! 150 student days and 15 additional staff days. To view the position description or apply, visit the website and click the "Employment" drop-down under "District" tab. Yes (paid)
2/13/18 Walla Walla SD 1.0 District website: http://www.wwps.org.  2018-2019 School Year. To review position or apply, visit https://wallawalla.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx. No (sometimes paid)
2/13/18 Olympic ESD 114 1.0 District website: http://www.oesd114.org. Variety of schools K-12. Questions regarding on-line application: Nancy Pittman, npittman@oesd114.org. Questions regarding the position: Jennifer Acuna, jacuna@oesd114.org or Jane Widrin, jwidrin@oesd114.org. No
2/2/18 Ephrata SD 1.0 District website: http://www.ephrataschools.org.  To view position posting, click the "Employment" shortcut. For additional information, contact the district at 509-754-2474 (ask for Cathy), Special Services at 509-754-3538 (ask for Jackie) or email the Special Services Director at mailto:teloff@ephrataschools.org. Yes (sometimes paid)
2/2/18 Yakima SD 1.0 * District website: https://www.yakimaschools.org/. * Multiple Positions (full & part time). Elementary & secondary level. There are multiple positions available for the 2018-2019 school year. Please contact SPED Director Joni Coe via email or phone for more information. Coe.Joni@yakimaschools.org, 509-573-5063. We look forward to hearing from you! Yes (paid)
2/1/18 Kent SD 1.0 District website: https://www.kent.k12.wa.us/ Full time and part time positions available for the 2018 - 2019 school year. First interviews will be conducted on March 6th and 13th. Those candidates with complete applications by February 26 and March 5th will be considered for these first interview openings. To apply or view position descriptions, visit: https://kent.tedk12.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=1160. Please contact Holly Bailey, Assistant Director of Inclusive Education, regarding questions at 253-373-7027.  Yes (paid)
1/22/18 Central Kitsap SD 1.0 District website: http://www.ckschools.org/.  3 positions available (secondary/elementary level). To access the postings, apply or request more information click this link https://www2.wrdc.wa-k12.net/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=wckitsas71/rapplmnu03.w Yes (sometimes paid)
1/16/18 Humanus (Agency) 1.0 Currently seeking a Master’s level Certified School Psychologist with up to date clearances. Additionally, the candidate should be familiar with Web based IEP writing. Positions are located in Steilacoom and Marysville districts. Interested candidates should contact Celina Canada at 484-254-4980 or email resume to ccanada@humanus.com Yes 
12/14/17 Port Townsend SD .5 District website: http://www.ptschools.org/. Leave replacement at Grant Street Elementary. Access the posting at  https://porttownsend.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx. For details, contact Vickie Lowrie or Laurie McGinnis at 360 379-4511.
12/13/17 Humanus (Agency) PT Position located at Spokane International Academy - K-8th grade.  Interested applicants should send updated resume to Krystyna Martin, (Humanus) Academia Services Manager 484-272-7580, email: mailto:kmartin@humanus.com No
11/8/17 Auburn SD 1.0 District website: http://www.auburn.wednet.edu**INTERNSHIP**. Contact Hilary Conville - hconville@auburn.wednet.edu or 253-931-4927 for an application. Yes (paid)
11/7/17 Helena MT SD 1.0  This position is located in Helena Montana. District website: http://www.helenaschools.org.  To access the job post, description, criteria and application, click Employment Opportunities> Current Position Announcements> Student Support Services. For details and information, email personneloffice@helenaschools.org. Yes (paid)
10/5/17 BMR Health Services (Agency)
1.0 * Agency website: http://www.bmrhealth.com. * School systems located in Grandview, Chimacum and Auburn, WA. Also Belfair and Omak areas added.  All positions are full time for the school year and are available now. Contact sandy.lass@bmrhealth.com to apply or to obtain details. No
10/4/17 Seattle University 1.0 Website: https://www.seattleu.edu/education. Full time Assistant or Associate Clinical Professor, School Psychology.  To view position info or apply, visit https://www.seattleu.edu/careers. No
9/6/17 Steilacoom SD 1.0 District website: https://www.steilacoom.k12.wa.us/Steilacoom Historical School District. Visit the webpage and follow prompts under EMPLOYMENT https://steilacoomjobs.hrmplus.net/
Yes (sometimes)
8/26/17 Vocovision  * VocoVision is an agency specializing in tele-services, to  include school psychology. Currently, 9 (work from home) positions are listed, representing multiple districts in Washington.  Please apply by sending your resume to diamond.parker@vocovision.com or call 770-325-0553. No
7/25/17 Anacortes SD 1.0 District website: http://www.asd103.org.  Reports to Building Principal and/or Director of Special Education Support Services. For details (including job description) and to apply on line click this link: https://anacortesjobs.hrmplus.net/Home.aspx https://anacortesjobs.hrmplus.net No
7/14/17 Central Kitsap SD 1.0 District website: http://www.ckschools.org/Middle School 6-8 Grades. For information or to apply, go to our hiring website: http://www.ckschools.org/career___staff/apply/ or contact us directly at 360-662-1680 & hr@ckschools.org Yes (paid)
7/10/17 Anacortes SD 1.0 District website: http://www.asd103.org/.  Secondary Level ESA. For more details or to apply online via our secure website visit http://anacortesjobs.hrmplus.net. No
6/23/17 La Center SD 1.0 District website: http://www.lacenterschools.org/.  To view position details or apply, visit https://www.applitrack.com/lacenterschools/onlineapp/default.aspx. No
6/22/17 TherapyTravelers
1.0 Agency website: http://www.therapytravelers.com.  Contracted position(s) available in King County. Click the "Contact Us" link on our website to get more details. No
6/20/17 McCleary SD PT District website: https://www.mccleary.wednet.edu/.  1 day/week, K-8 school, with preschool.  For details or to apply, contact Dan Casler, Superintendent dcasler@mccleary.wednet.edu or Cissy McCormick, Special Ed. Director cissy.consult@gmail.com. No
6/15/17 Maxim Government Services
1.0 Agency website: https://www.maximstaffing.com/MaximGov/search/jobs-in-Washington.html.  We are currently seeking applicants for several positions in Washington State.  Use the search tool to find available jobs. No
6/14/17 Stanwood-Camano SD
1.0 District website: http://www.stanwood.wednet.edu. Elementary-secondary level. To view or apply online visit http://fasttrack.stanwood-camano.wa-k12.net.  Questions? Contact Sandy Kintner, Human Resources, (360) 629-1223 or by Email skintner@stanwood.wednet.edu No
6/12/17 Lake Washington SD 1.0 District website: http://www.lwsd.org. Positions at Redmond, Kirkland and Sammamish, WA; Elementary, Middle School & High School. Please apply on-line at:
Complete a certificated application and apply to this posting. Questions? Contact Nancy Teteak in Human Resources at 425-936-1264
Yes (not paid)
6/11/17 Seneca Family of Agencies
FT & PT Agency website: http://www.senecafoa.orgGreater Seattle Area (multiple schools between Seattle and Tacoma). https://careers-senecafoa.icims.com/jobs/1256/school-psychologist/job Yes (sometimes paid)
6/7/17  Federal Way Public Schools 1.0 District website: http://www.fwps.orgElementary and Secondary level. To access the job line or apply, visit https://www.applitrack.com/federalway/onlineapp/ Yes (paid)
6/6/17 Yelm Community Schools 1.0 District website: https://www.ycs.wednet.edu/Domain/1.  Elementary/Middle School. To apply or access posting, visit https://www.esd113.org/Page/2482.  Consider paid internship position. Yes (paid)
5/31/17 Richland SD 1.0 District website: http://www.rsd.edu. To view posting or apply visit https://richlandjobs.hrmplus.net/. For additional information, please contact Sharon Bradley, Assistant Director of Special Education, Sharon.bradley@rsd.edu or (509)967-6050. Yes (sometimes paid)
5/15/17 College Place Public Schools 
1.0 Website: http://www.cpps.org. Walla Walla Valley K-12. *Paid internships will be considered. Applicants apply online: https://cpps.tedk12.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=343. For more information contact: Chris Drabek, Director of Teaching & Learning (509) 529-5207 Yes (paid)
5/11/17 Longview SD 1.0 District website: http://longviewschools.com. Located at ESD.  To view the position or apply visit the website, click "Careers" and access the Fasttrack Employment Opportunities. Yes (sometimes)
5/10/17 Washington Virtual Academies 
 * Website: http://www.k12.com. Contracted employment  (K-12) at multiple locations. Please contact Shelley Sears (Director of Special Programs) with Washington Virtual Academies for more information. ssears@k12.com No
4/20/17 Concrete SD .6 District website: http://www.concrete.k12.wa.us/. Location: Concrete School District Building-ELE & Secondary. Please visit http://www.concrete.k12.wa.us/employment-opportunities/ and see job posting #1528. You can either call and have application materials mailed to you or visit the link and fill out the online application for certificated position (link) along with the sexual misconduct form, WA State criminal history form, etc. Fingerprints must also be completed. For more information call Lynda Stout at (360) 853-4000 OR Leilani Thomas, Special Education Director, at (360) 853-4008.
4/20/17 Arlington Public Schools 1.0  District website: http://www.asd.wednet.edu. K-12. Please log into www.asd.wednet.edu to access the posting, learn more about this position and apply. No
3/28/17 Tukwila SD * 1.0  District website: http://tukwilaschools.org. * 2 positions are available (1.0 and .8 FTE). To view the postings and apply, visit https://tukwilajobs.hrmplus.net/JobOpenings.aspx. Yes (not paid)
3/23/17 Chimacum SD
1.0  District website: http://www.csd49.org.  To view the complete posting and submit an online application please visit https://chimacum.tedk12.com/hire/ViewJob.aspx?JobID=56. Contact Kerry O'Connell, Director of Special Services (360) 302-5286. This position is for the 2017-18 school year. No
3/22/17 Sunnyside SD 1.0 District website: http://www.sunnysideschools.orgK-12 position. For information or to apply online visit: https://sunnyside.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx. If you have questions you are welcome to call Human Resources at (509) 836-8712 or email us at victoria.hiatt@sunnysideschools.org. No
3/21/17 Riverview SD 1.0 District website: http://www.riverview.wednet.edu. District/ESA. Visit the website and click the "Jobs" link at the top of the page to access the position posting. Yes (not paid)


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